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The Mellowship Slinky was formed to be a Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute band in April of 2015. Alex (bass), Jeremy (guitar), and Frank (drums) started learning the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album while searching for the perfect frontman. After a year, the band had almost given up. Singers came and went. They could either sing but not rap, or they could rap but not sing. None of them could do both...until Javi auditioned. He was great. He could sing and rap whatever needed. Without even trying, he was far better than they had anticipated vocally, and they were off!!!...for about a month. Jeremy then informed them he had to leave, but would play out the shows already booked. Sadly, the band kept moving forward catching Javi up on lyrics while searching for a new guitarist. Within a month the band got a lucky break. Nick, a local guitarist was referred to the band. He had already seen The Mellowship Slinky play at a local venue and had started learning songs on his own due to his shared love for the RHCP. Nick came for his audition and the band was able to play almost 20 songs right off. Totally floored, the offer to join the band was thrown out there, and accepted. Now a year later, the band is playing around 2-4 times a month with a growing fan base in some really great venues. The Mellowship Slinky performs with high energy, accuracy, and in costume to bring you the ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers sound and visual experience. A tribute act you surely want to see!

Cant Stop/Fall Jam 2017

Around The World/Fall Jam 2017

Under The Bridge/Fall Jam 2017

Song List

The Zephyr Song - Suck My Kiss - Can't Stop - Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Around The World - Otherside - Snow - Throw Away Your Television - Soul To Squeeze - Under The Bridge - Apache Rose Peacock - Right On Time - Aeroplane - Naked In The Rain - Californication - Look Around - My Lovely Man - Hard To Concentrate - Dark Necessities - I Like Dirt - Readymade - Fight Like A Brave - Breaking The Girl - Charlie - Tell Me Baby - Sick Love - Easily - I Could Have Lied - American Ghost Dance - Scar Tissue - Rain Dance Maggie - Hump De Bump - Mellowship Slinky - Funky Monks - Power Of Equality - If You Have To Ask - Jungleman - The Greeting Song - Sir Psycho - Righteous & The Wicked - Minor Thing - By The Way - Higher Ground - This Is The Place - Get On Top - Dani California - Catholic Schoool Girls - Good Time Boys - Goodbye Angels - Give It Away - Special Secret Song

Rad Hot Chili Peppers

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The Mellowship Slinky Tee

The Mellowship Slinky
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The Mellowship Slinky

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The Mellowship Slinky
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The Mellowship Slinky
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The Mellowship Slinky

The Mellowship Slinky Band Merchandise is also available for purchase at any of our scheduled events.

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